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About the project

INSPIRE US! aims to bright in light the crucial link between internal motivation and business creation. The project aims to empower women would-be-entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to be benefitted directly from up‐to‐date knowledge in this rapidly‐changing world, and to motivate them to take the risk, develop their own business ideas and become successful “winners” entrepreneurs. By introducing women to the “winner” mindset, the project intends to help women to become powerful “agents” of change in other to achieve gender equality as it promotes self-employment and entrepreneurship among women. Through a set of different tests, tools and knowledge expertise, the project wants to create a new force within this target group and help women to achieve their objectives as creative, talented, driven and skilled workers.

All project outputs are designed aiming to empower women with skills and will to develop their aptitude to entrepreneurial actions. These tools, instruments and contents are based in the most recent and innovative practices that matches the recent way of life of millennials and young women from 25 to 40. This innovative approach is based on immediate and quick information that women can consume rapidly; learning contents based on visual and stimulating materials such as infographics or videos; ιnteractive Platform that integrates concepts of game design in the eLearning process and mobile access allowing more flexibility in the learning process.

The project is expected to have a positive impact at national and European level on relevant stakeholders and on the main target group, women would be entrepreneurs.