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Entrepreneurship Programme – M1: Grow your Emotional Intelligence (EI) – PIA

Being motivational and entrepreneurial coach, Igor Razbornik from PIA, Slovenia, will lead the development of the first module for INSPIRE US training - Grow your Emotional Intelligence (EI): Why EI is essential especially in Women Entrepreneurs.

In this module, we will examine the essential natural advantages women have in entrepreneurship - emotional intelligence and intuition. We will explore what emotional intelligence is, the relationship between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship, advantages and disadvantages of women entrepreneurship, and how to use emotional intelligence to create a vision.

Similar projects in general focus on problems women have in comparison with men in business - but not ours. We want to emphasize the advantages every woman carry with her and make it her leading energy in the business.

“Embrace the inner entrepreneur in you and give it your best.” Tina Garg, Pink Lemonade

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