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Enhancing women entrepreneurship through our Inspire Us! project

Nicosia, 25 February 2019

Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us!, a Strategic Partnership Project, which is funded by Key Action “Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices”, EU Erasmus+, aims at the motivation and support of women would-be-entrepreneurs in acquiring and developing high quality skills and key competencies, in order to foster employability, entrepreneurship, social- educational and personal development, as well as gender equality and participation in civic and social life.

The project has a total duration of twenty-four (24) months (12.2018- 11.2020) and it is implemented in 6 countries with the resourceful collaboration of 6 involved organisations: GrantXpert Consulting Ltd (Cyprus), Four Elements SA (Greece), CESIE (Italy), Story Tellme (Portugal), PIA Velenje (Slovenia), ISOB GMBH (Germany).

Our project “Inspire Us!” intends to create a community of women entrepreneurs, aged 25- 40, from all over EU, after having created the tools and conditions of future women entrepreneurs to overcome any deficiencies and obstacles to achieve self-awareness and focus on personality and motivational factors towards setting up their own business.

The project’s kick-off meeting was hosted in Cyprus, in December 2018, by GrantXpert Consulting Ltd. During the meeting, the partners had the chance to discuss all the managerial aspects of the project, the methodological approach of the Intellectual Outputs’ implementation and the strategic goals to be adhered for the maximum dissemination and sustainability of its impact.

During the next six months our team will extract the State-of-the-Art analysis at EU level, through in-depth interviews with successful women entrepreneurs and on-line survey to future women entrepreneurs so as to evaluate the situation in each partner’s country and identify the gaps and barriers our target group faces. Further, the consortium will develop a self- assessment tool that will help women to better understand themselves, their personality and psychological profile, and it will impact their additional professional trajectory.

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